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OpenTDF - Paul Flynn, Cassandra Bailey

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  • OpenTDF - Paul Flynn, Cassandra Bailey

    OpenTDF - Paul Flynn, Cassandra Bailey

    Build data protections using the Trusted Data Format


    Paul Flynn, Cassandra Bailey

    OpenTDF is an open source project that provides developers with the tools to build data protections natively within their applications using the Trusted Data Format (TDF).

    Paul has been a software developer for over 25 years, starting as a webmaster in 1995. Paul has worked on securely connecting merchants with banking mainframes; providing governments with digital signing and receipting of documents, and solved Y2K. He has helped scale some of the largest web sites of its time (eBay, Obamacare) and worked on command-and-control systems of life-saving McMurdo beacons. Paul has recognized the deficiency of security from his past and is proud of the solution that is available in OpenTDF.

    Cassandra started her career as a full-stack developer for web and macOS applications, and has since managed projects and products in the DeFi, gaming, and most recently, data protection and security spaces. The latter corresponds to her role in helping to develop and manage the OpenTDF project, an open-source API and SDK that leverages the Trusted Data Format (TDF) to enable zero-trust data protection.

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    Hey everyone, super excited to demo OpenTDF to you! We will be in the Caesar's boardroom on Saturday 8/13 from 14:00-15:55 (2pm-3:55pm) in the ACCORD BOARDROOM. You can see the names of the boardrooms if you zoom in on this map provided by DefCon.

    We have a timely and relevant use case to show in protecting your data with OpenTDF (more to come on that ;) ), as well as a slew of other demos showing the versatility and power of the TDF data format.

    Check out for more details! Please feel free to ask any questions here as well, and we'll see you on Saturday the 13th~
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