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Wakanda Land - Stephen Kofi Asamoah

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  • Wakanda Land - Stephen Kofi Asamoah

    Wakanda Land - Stephen Kofi Asamoah
    Automated Cyber Range deployment tool to paractice attacks.

    Wakanda Land

    Stephen Kofi Asamoah

    Wakanda Land is a Cyber Range deployment tool that uses terraform for automating the process of deploying an Adversarial Simulation lab infrastructure for practicing various offensive attacks. This project inherits from other people's work in the Cybersecurity Community, to which I have added some additional sprinkles to their work from my other research. The tool deploys the following for the lab infrastructure (of course, more assets can be added): -Two Subnets -Guacamole Server --This provides dashboard access to --Kali GUI and Windows RDP instances The Kali GUI, Windows RDP and the user accounts used to log into these instances are already backed into the deployment process --To log into the Guacamole dashboard with the guacadmin account, you need to SSH into the Guacamole server using the public IP address (which is displayed after the deployment is complete) and then change into the guacamole directory and then type cat .env for the password (the guacadmin password is randomly generated and saved as an environment variable) -Windows Domain Controller for the Child Domain (first.local) -Windows Domain Controller for the Parent Domain (second.local) -Windows Server in the Child Domain -Windows 10 workstation in the Child Domain -Kali Machine - a directory called toolz is created on this box and Covenant C2 is downloaded into that folder, so its just a matter of running Covenant once you are authenticated into Kali -Debian Server serving as Web Server 1 - OWASP's Juice Shop deployed via Docker -Debian Server serving as Web Server 2 - Vulnerable web apps

    Stephen Kofi Asamoah (q0phi80) is an Offensive Security professional, with over fifteen (15) years of experience running Offensive Security operations. Some of his previous places of employment include Ernst & Young, PwC and IBM X-Force Red. Currently as a Snr. Manager of Offensive Cybersecurity Operations, he runs an Enterprise's Offensive Security programs and manages a team of Offensive Security Operators.