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  • TheAllCommander - Matthew Handy

    TheAllCommander - Matthew Handy
    An open-source tool as a framework to prototype and model malware comms.


    Matthew Handy

    TheAllCommander is an open-source tool which offers red teams and blue teams a framework to rapidly prototype and model malware communications, as well as associated client-side indicators of compromise. The framework provides a structured, documented, and object-oriented API for both the client and server, allowing anyone to quickly implement a novel communications protocol between a simulated malware daemon and its command and control server. For Blue Teamers, this allows rapid modeling of emerging threats and comprehensive testing in a controlled manner to develop reliable detection models. For Red Teamers, this framework allows rapid iteration and development of new protocols and communications schemes with an easy to use Python interface. The framework has many tools or techniques used by red teams built in, such as a SOCKS5 proxy, which then use the implemented communication scheme. This allows comprehensive testing of the detection and functional capability of the communication scheme, allowing for efficient design and development choices to be made before committing to production tool development. To facilitate this goal, TheAllCommander includes a Java based command and control server with a simple API to allow new plug-ins for server-side control. There is a python-based emulation client, which can be easily extended using the API to allow new client side communications code. Several reference implementations for covert malware communication are provided to allow out-of-the-box modeling, including emulated client browser HTTPS traffic, DNS queries, and email traffic. The tool chain includes support for several common Red Team tactics, such as Remote Desktop tunneling and FODHelper UAC bypass. This implementation effectively generates both client side and network traffic indicators of compromise.

    Matt Handy completed his BS in Computer Science at the University of Maryland, College Park (UMD) in 2010, and MS in CyberSecurity at Johns Hopkins in 2014. He has worked for NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center doing satellite ground systems development since 2009. He has specialized in secure software systems development and has helped to develop several missions over the course of his career. In his off time, he enjoys doing independent security research and creating tools like TheAllCommander to help make a more secure cyber world.

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    Hi folks! It's an honor to be able to talk about my tool. I'm posting a link now to the github repository if anyone would like to check it out. New updates come regularly!