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ResidueFree - Logan Arkema

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  • ResidueFree - Logan Arkema

    ResidueFree - Logan Arkema
    A privacy-enhancing tool to keep sensitive information off a filesystem


    Logan Arkema

    ResidueFree is a privacy-enhancing tool that allows individuals to keep sensitive information off their device's filesystem. It takes on-device privacy protections from TAILS and "incognito" web browser modes and applies them to any app running on a user's regular operating system, effectively making the privacy protections offered by TAILS more usable and accessible while improving the on-device privacy guarantees made by web browsers and extending them to any application. While ResidueFree currently runs on Linux, its maintainers are hoping to port it to other operating systems in the near future. In addition, ResidueFree can help forensic analysts and application security engineers isolate filesystem changes made by a specific application. The same implementation ResidueFree uses to ensure that any file changes an application makes are not stored to disk can also be used to isolate those changes to a separate folder without impacting the original files.

    Logan is a former student-turned-independent researcher and software developer. While he makes a living conducting IT, security, and privacy audits, his most impactful hacking is 1337ing his job's policies as a union rep to elevate workplace privileges. He has an OSCP, other certs from days wooing federal hiring screeners to pass along his application, and The Time Warp stuck in his head from the time he heard "rm -rf" could be pronounced "rimm raff."

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    Hi all, very excited to share the project with the DEF CON community this week! The plan is to spend about 10 minutes talking, 15 minutes demoing ResidueFree, and leaving five minutes for questions / slack space, then looping that four times over the two hours, so jump in at the top of any half hour from 2-4 on Saturday in the Committee room. I've also pushed and merged what should be the final updates pre-demo to the project repository: