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Melvin "Flangvik" Langvik - Taking a Dump In The Cloud

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  • Melvin "Flangvik" Langvik - Taking a Dump In The Cloud

    Melvin "Flangvik" Langvik - Taking a Dump In The Cloud

    Melvin "Flangvik" Langvik, Senior Security Consultant, TrustedSec Targeted Operations, Him/He

    Presentation Title: Taking a Dump In The Cloud
    Length of presentation: 45 minutes
    Demo, Tool

    Taking a Dump In The Cloud is a tale of countless sleepless nights spent reversing and understanding the integration between Microsoft Office resources and how desktop applications access them. The release of the TeamFiltration toolkit, a modern toolkit connecting all the data points to more effectively launch attacks against Microsoft Azure Tenants, understanding the benefits of non-interactive logins and how one can abuse the magic of Microsofts OAuth implementation with Single-Sign-On to automagically exfiltrate all the loot. Streamlining the process of account enumeration and validation. Thoughts on working effectively against Azure Smart Lockout. Exploring options of vertical movement given common AAD configurations, and more!


    Melvin started as a C# Azure developer and integrations consultant after finishing his bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. During his time as a developer, he got hands-on experience with rapidly creating and deploying critical backend infrastructure for an international client base. It was during this period Melvin started to pursue his goal of transiting into offensive security. Melvin broke into the HackTheBox cybersecurity platform “Hall Of Fame” and subsequently successfully landed as a security consultant. While working as a penetration tester, Melvin has contributed to the infosec community by releasing open-source and offensively targeted C# based tools and techniques, such as BetterSafetyKatz, SharpProxyLogon, AzureC2Relay, and CobaltBus. Melvin is also the creator and maintainer of the SharpCollection project, a project which utilizes Azure DevOps PipeLines to automatically release pre-compiled binaries of the most common offensive C# projects, triggered by updates from their respective main branch


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