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Sam Quinn & Steve Povolny - Perimeter Breached! Hacking an Access Control System

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  • Sam Quinn & Steve Povolny - Perimeter Breached! Hacking an Access Control System

    Sam Quinn & Steve Povolny - Perimeter Breached! Hacking an Access Control System

    Sam Quinn, Senior Security Researcher, Trellix, He/Him
    Steve Povolny, Head of Advanced Threat Research for Trellix, He/Him

    Presentation Title: Perimeter Breached! Hacking an Access Control System
    Length of presentation: 45 Minutes

    The first critical component to any attack is an entry point. As we lock down firewalls and routers, it can be easy to overlook the network-connected physical access control systems. A study done by IBM in 2021 showed that the average cost of a physical security compromise is $3.54 million and takes an average of 223 days to identify a breach.

    HID Mercury is a global distributor of access control systems with more than 20 OEM partners, deployed across multiple industries and certified for use in federal and state government facilities.

    Trellix's Advanced Threat Research team uncovered 4 unique 0-day vulnerabilities and 4 additional undisclosed vulnerabilities leading to remote, unauthenticated code execution on multiple HID Mercury access control panels. These findings lead to full system control including the ability for an attacker to remotely manipulate door locks. During this presentation, we will briefly cover the hardware debugging process, leading to a root shell on the target. We will explore in greater depth the vulnerability discovery techniques, including emulation, fuzzing, static and dynamic reverse engineering, and a detailed walkthrough of several of the most critical vulnerabilities. We’ll address our approach to exploitation using simplistic malware we designed to control system functionality and culminate the talk with a live demo featuring full system control, unlocking doors remotely without triggering any software notification


    Sam Quinn, @eAyeP, is a Senior Security Researcher on the Advanced Threat Research team, focused on finding new vulnerabilities in both software and hardware. Sam has a focus on embedded devices with knowledge in the fields of reverse engineering and exploitation. He has had numerous vulnerability findings and published CVEs in the areas of IOT and enterprise software.

    Steve Povolny, @spovolny, is the Head of Advanced Threat Research for Trellix, which delivers groundbreaking vulnerability research spanning nearly every industry. With more than a decade of experience in network security, Steve is a recognized authority on hardware and software vulnerabilities, and regularly collaborates with influencers in academia, government, law enforcement, consumers and enterprise businesses of all sizes. Steve is a sought after public speaker and media commentator who often blogs on key topics. He brings his passion for threat research and a unique vision to harness the power of collaboration between the research community and product vendors, through responsible disclosure, for the benefit of all.


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