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Defcon Shoot (2022)

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  • Defcon Shoot (2022)

    We are back to a more traditional Defcon Shoot this year. Last year had no canopies or amenities, but those are back this year (along with registration)

    Where: Pro Gun Vegas
    Address: 12801 US 95 South Boulder City, NV 89005 (same complex as last year and 3 years ago)
    When: Wednesday August 10th 2022
    On ranges 4, 5, and 6 which are located north of the clubhouse at 35°57'34.8"N 114°55'20.8"W
    Time: 11-5pm

    More information, including the detailed schedule breakdown available here:
    To register as a shooter and to reserve a lane use:

    Q: How much does it cost to show up?
    A: Registration is $20 for most shooters. Lane registrations are $40 per session.
    All participant's are not expected to pay for a badge AND a lane. All you need to be part of the event is to register and have a Shoot badge. Any badged shooter can use any lane that allows them to, as long as it's an active lane. Whomever rents the lane is in charge there, and multiple people can share.
    If you want to shoot someone else’s gun you should probably bring factory ammo or have money to buy their ammo and rent their gun. What that costs is up to each individual gun owner, or maybe they won’t rent at all, it is up to them. Most people fly their guns and ammo which is not easy.

    Q: I've never shot a gun before, can I come?
    A: Yep. People are generally welcoming to new shooters, just make it clear that you need instruction when asking about renting from anyone.

    Q: Can I rent machine guns from Pro Gun directly?
    A: Probably, I suspect they’ll have a better selection but they might be more expensive.

    Q: What amenities are on site?
    A: Pro Gun has a clubhouse a few hundred feet away that has bathrooms, and they sell water/Gatorade/soda, light snacks, common ammo, and probably eyes and ears (but you should bring your own).
    We will have common items like eyes, ears, sunscreen, for those that forget to bring yours.

    Q: What guns can I shoot?
    A: Anything up to and including 50 BMG, including full auto.

    Q: What targets can I shoot?
    A: We can bring our own steel, or if you have target stands for paper targets. No trash/furniture/appliances.
    Progun has some of their own paper target stands you can rent, however they may bet shot up so prepare to pay for a replacement.

    Q: How do I get there?
    A: Drive or take a cab/lyft/uber. It is 35 minutes away from the Caesars Forum, so it isn't that bad. Reach out to others on slack or reply here to carpool.

    Q: What do I do when I show up?
    Go into the club house located at 35°57'29.4"N 114°55'19.6"W, there is lots of parking behind the building. Tell them you’re part of the “defcon group” and sign their waiver. You should not have to pay progun anything.
    Then head north to the berms and find ranges 4, 5, and 6. There will be a registration tent on Range 5

    There isn't a sub-forum for the shoot this year, so unless you are on slack you should probably reply to this thread for all discussion related to this event.

    Click image for larger version

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    August 10, 2022 08:00
    August 10, 2022 13:45
    Pro Gun Vegas 35.95814764, -114.92240996

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    Hey. Anyone that can help out with a ride from Ballys to Pro Gun and back? Please send a DM to reach out.


    • Modafinil
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      I tried to DM you some details, but it says you're not accepting them. DM me and I can give you some details on rideshare.

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    seeess Who can I suggest Dave or Caroline from Kalashnikov USA contact for details regarding the event? They have already reviewed the link with all the information, but want to confirm some details. They are very interested in attending since there are reps near by Vegas and the event site has a kalashnikitty t-shirt.


    • seeess
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      I PM'd you some details

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    seeess Tried to send to both mentioned contacts via PGP and was not able to due to expired pub keys for them.