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SE Community (SEC) Vishing Competition / #SECVC

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  • SE Community (SEC) Vishing Competition / #SECVC

    SE Community (SEC) Vishing Competition / #SECVC

    Twitter: sec_defcon

    In this competition, teams go toe to toe by placing live vishing (voice phishing) phone calls in front of the Social Engineering Community audience at DEF CON. These calls showcase the duality of ease and complexity of the craft against the various levels of preparedness and defenses by actual companies.

    Teams can consist of 1-3 individuals, which we hope allows for teams to utilize novel techniques to implement different Social Engineering tactics. Each team is provided limited time to place as many calls as possible from a soundproof booth. During that time, their goal is to elicit from the receiver as many objectives as possible.

    Whether you’re an attacker, defender, business executive, or brand new to this community, you can learn by witnessing firsthand how easy it is for some competitors to schmooze their way to their goals and how well prepared some companies are to shut down those competitors!

    Friday: 9:00 – 16:00
    Saturday: 9:00 – 16:00
    In the SEC Village Linq