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Defcon 30 Workshop Swap Thread

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  • Defcon 30 Workshop Swap Thread

    Hey all! I'm not sure if darktangent needs to start this or if I'm allowed to, but I'd love to get a workshop swap thread going for this year's defcon if possible.

    I was fortunate enough to pick up some classes from people who had extra tickets last year so I'm hoping this year we can all help each other out again.

    I'll start us off:

    I'm looking for:
    Pentesting Industrial Control Systems or Intro to Azure Security.

    I'm willing to trade:
    Windows Defence Evasion and Fortification Primitives
    Securing Smart Contracts

    Also, I have a Hands on TCP/IP Deep dive with wireshark ticket that I'd be willing to trade for the purple malware development approach.

    DM me if you'd like to do any swapping.

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    Hi. Unfortunately I did not get my hands on any workshop tickets. If anyone has a ticket for the TCP/IP Deep dive with Wireshark they won't be needing, then i'm very interested in it. Thx.


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      I didn't get any workshop tickets either, of course I want to go to TCP/IP Deep dive with Wireshark. Not sure if there is a ways to transfer, sell or get on a waiting list.


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        Hi! I am looking for Introduction to Azure Security and Finding Security Vulnerabilities through Fuzzing! 2 tickets if possible!


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          Missed out on reg as well, looking for any of the following-
          Modern malware analysis, malware purple teaming, zero to hero blockchain hacking, network hacking 101


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            I got:
            zero to hero blockchain security 8/12 2pm,
            dig dug: network tunneling 8/13 9am;

            I want:
            Intro to SDR 8/11 2pm;


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              if anyone has a ticket for the following please reach out.

              - Hands-On TCP/IP Deep Dive with Wireshark
              - Dig Dug: The Lost Art of Network Tunneling


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                If anyone is unable to go to the SDR workshop let me know. I have no tickets to swap, but I'd really appreciate it.


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                  Im also looking for a ticket for "Introduction to Software Defined Radios and RF Hacking" - would appreciate :) (nothing to trade)


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                    I missed the registration deadline. I am looking for a ticket to any of the workshops below (nothing to trade):

                    - Network Hacking 101
                    - Hands-on TCP/IP Deep Dive with Wireshark
                    - The Lost Art of Network Tunneling
                    - Securing Industrial Control Systems from the core


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                      No luck here . If any benevolent soul is around, I would trade a Pentesting Industrial Control Systems ticket for eternal gratitude.


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                        I do have 1 ticket for “Securing web apps”
                        looking to trade for malware purple team or modern malware analysis


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                          Looking for tickets and willing to swap with one I already got

                          What I have:
                          * Hand On Mainframe Buffer Overflows - RCE Edition
                          * Automated Debugging Under The Hood
                          * Hybrid Phishing Payloads: From Threat-actors to You

                          What I want:
                          * The Purple Malware Development Approach

                          Thanks :)


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                            Hi All,

                            I was able to sign up for some workshops but not the ones I really want to go to. I am willing to trade any of the ones I have for the workshops I really want to go to.

                            What I have:

                            - Eijah - Dig Dug: The Lost Art of Network Tunneling -- Saturday AM
                            - Anthony Rose - Evading Detection: A Beginner's Guide to Obfuscation -- Saturday PM
                            - Rohan Durve - Windows Defence Evasion and Fortification Primitives -- Saturday AM
                            - Josh Stroschein - The Art of Modern Malware Analysis -- Friday AM
                            - Eigentourist - Hacking the Metal 2: Hardware & the Evolution of C Creatures -- Friday PM

                            What I am looking for:

                            - Victor Graf - Network Hacking 101 -- Thursday AM
                            - Chris Forte - CTF 101: Breaking into CTFs - “The Petting Zoo” -- Saturday AM

                            Please let me know if you want to trade me either of these two. Thanks!


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                              Hello everyone,

                              I was able to grab the following slot :

                              Maxwell Dulin - House of Heap Exploitation - Thursday, August 11 6:00 – 10:00pm

                              Hoping to swap for something on Friday due to schedule conflicts.

                              Please feel free to reach out if interested.