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  • ICS Village Schedule

    The ICS Village schedule has been released. Please check out information about the village speakers and all of the activities. Here is a preview:

    ICS Village will also feature several workshops, challenges, and CTFs! Be sure to give them a shot:

    Fantom5 SeaTF: Contestants will be able to try their hand and compete in a point based Capture the Flag hacking competition based around 3 Maritime consoles. The consoles involved will be Navigation systems, Steering and Propulsion systems, and Ballast systems. These systems provide a relative experience of the actual systems found aboard a naval vessel.

    DDS Hack-the-Microgrid: Microgrids are pretty high maintenance, and like satellites, primarily built for survivability, not security. As the Department of Defense marches toward deploying microgrids at scale to shore up mission resilience in response to the challenges presented by climate change, hackers are gonna hack.

    In this lab, you’ll learn the basics of microgrid design – from what they are, how they work, and how they regulate themselves. Then, you’ll be able to use this knowledge to then attempt to take over and shut down a mock microgrid by hacking its weather data system and sensor input network to generate chaos.

    Maritime Hacking Boundary Adventure: Have you ever wanted to run your own shipyard? To drive ships? Without permission? Then the Hacking Boundary tabletop role playing game is just for you. Hacking Boundary is a realistic, competitive, game of identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in ports and ships. The game is designed to allow for you to bring your knowledge, skills, and abilities to the table and use these to compete against your peers. The game will last about 4 hours, and participants will have roles as attackers, defenders, or the mighty US government. Come for the competition, stay for the victory points, but try and not generate a lot of digital exhaust for the cops to find.

    - Session 1 Friday August 12: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm PDT
    - Session 2 Saturday August 13: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm PDT
    - Session 3 Sunday August 14: TBD

    IACS Range: The Industrial Automation Control System (IACS) Range, affectionately named Goliath, is a Siemens Prototype environment power grid simulation. The IACS Range is a distributed 25-node simulation environment providing telemetry and response data to the IACS network. It includes robotic arms, Siemens S7-1200 Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Human-Machine Interface (HMI), and a simplified SCADA instance and an Engineering VM incorporating Siemens’ TIA Portal v15 software. Come, plugin, and interact with Goliath and see if you can take control.

    CISA and Idaho National Lab Escape Room: CISA and Idaho National Lab invite you to participate in an immersive Escape Room adventure to test your cybersecurity and infrastructure protection skills. This Escape Room will challenge you and your Team through a series of traditional time-bound Escape Room challenges mixed with cybersecurity elements. Participant’s skills will be confronted with cybersecurity puzzles involving wireless technologies, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) analysis, database exploitation, network discovery, industrial control systems, cryptography, Arduino backed puzzles, and more. With the mix of traditional escape room puzzles, there is enough to do for everyone regardless of the level of their cyber skills. Come have fun while learning more about cybersecurity with CISA and Idaho National Lab. Swing by the ICS Village to reserve a time for your team.

    Escape Room Scenario: A disgruntled employee, Bob, has been plotting to bring down the company where he works. In retaliation for his perceived mistreatment, Bob has created an electromagnetic pulse device (EMP) to take out sensitive industrial control systems in the area. Thanks to a few diligent and observant company employees, Bob was taken into custody but not before the timer on the device could be activated! The EMP device has been armed and the clock is ticking. CISA needs your help in protecting our critical infrastructure by following the clues found in Bob’s office to help CISA to disarm the EMP device before it is too late.