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Hacking Aviation Policy

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  • Hacking Aviation Policy

    Presentation Title:
    Hacking Aviation Policy

    Timothy Weston, Deputy Executive Director (acting), Cybersecurity Policy Coordinator, Transportation Security Administration
    Meg King, Executive Director for Strategy, Policy Coordination & Innovation, Transportation Security Administration
    Pete Cooper, Deputy Director Cyber Defence, Cabinet Office
    Ayan Islam, R-Street Institute
    Ken Munro, Pentest Partners

    TSA and DEFCON will host a policy discussion group focused on the current cybersecurity threats to the aviation ecosystem. Discussion will be focused on the increasing threat space focused on airports, airframes, airlines, and air cargo. Additional topics of discussion will focus on cybersecurity work force issues, prioritization of mitigation measures to counter the threats, and how the research community can assist the government and the private sector. The aviation sector policy discussion will be held under Chatham House rules, otherwise known as “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” with the desired outcome that participants will come away with a better understanding of the threats, possible solutions, and the importance of collaboration to solve these pressing issues. Given the global nature of aviation, we will touch on the partnerships and policy regimes under consideration by the international community.

    Policy Department – Collaboratorium