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Hacking Operational Collaboration

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  • Hacking Operational Collaboration

    Presentation Title:
    Hacking Operational Collaboration

    David Forscey, Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative, CISA

    CISA/JCDC leadership will speak on a panel to review the purpose and history of JCDC, and set the scene for the event before attendees begin their own conversations. Following the panel, attendees will split up into four breakout sections and gather in four corners of the room. Each of these groups will divide again to form no more than 5-6 people per discussion group. These small groups will delve into one proposal for a JCDC initiative and discuss for 15-20 minutes, after which they will rotate to the next section/topic. Each conversation will be facilitated by CISA, who play the “champion” for that specific proposal.

    Topics may include:
    • Transnational Trust Webs (How can JCDC collaborate with researchers, orgs, and partners spread across the globe?
    • Internet security, not just national security);
    • Chaos Engine (How do we turn the Internet into a much more risky place for adversaries? Which hackers have the right data to find adversary infrastructure?);
    • We Want You (How can CISA expand on its past work with individuals on research to integrate volunteer hackers into response operations?);
    • Expect the Worst (What kind of contingencies should CISA prioritize? What planning and preparation can achieve the most leverage if the worst happens?)

    Policy Department – Collaboratorium