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International Government Action Against Ransomware

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  • International Government Action Against Ransomware

    Presentation Title:
    International Government Action Against Ransomware

    Jen Ellis, Vice President of Community and Public Affairs, Rapid7

    Ransomware attacks continue to abound and various governments around the world are very active on combatting this issue. This session would bring some of them together to discuss what's being done and where it needs to go.

    It's been a little over a year since the Colonial Pipeline, HSE, and JBS attacks put ransomware firmly on the agenda as a threat to national security and economic stability. Since then, we've seen ransomware attacks become more openly politicized. We're also seen the White House and G7 both host international government forums to identify collaborative actions to tackle the threat. We've also seen new sanctions, public/private initiatives, bounties for criminals, and various other government actions introduced to make life for cybercriminals harder. This session brings together multiple govs to talk about what's being done, what results have been seen, and where we're headed next. They will start off covering these points and then open to the audience for questions and open discussion on next steps and impacts.

    Policy Department – Collaboratorium