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  • Here's a stumper for ya!

    Ok I have a mac formatted external firewire hard drive (i can make it USB 2.0 also if need be) and my PC running win2k pro can read it perfectly using MacDrive2000, Im planning on installing either Redhat9 or slackware 9 dual-boot. is there a way to mount the mac formatted drive in either of those? or any distro for that matter?


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    the only way is to get more memory.
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      lol... *sigh* i'll just have to give up on it and reformat the drive to MS-DOS


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        How to:

        Try this:

        Kernel Modules for IEEE 1394 and SCSI disks must be loaded if not already loaded.

        SCSI high level driver for disk devices is loaded by:

        modprobe sd_mod
        Load modules for Firewire:
        modprobe ohci1394
        modprobe sbp2
        External hard drive partition are considered SCSI devices located at /dev/sdaX where 'X' are the SCSI device. Each partition will be a different device (i.e. sda1, sda2, sda3, etc):
        mount -t hfs /dev/sda1 /mnt/f00
        To unload:
        modprobe -r sbp2
        modprobe -r ohci1394
        modprobe -r ieee1394
        modprobe -r sb_mod

        if it's not a hfs formatted drive, then try mount -t $fstype

        You might need to compile or load a module for the filesystem type into your kernel. I'm almost positive hfs and hfs+ are supported. A little googling might help there as well.

        *note - this is scsi emulation, I know that this is a firewire drive, but it makes linux think it's a scsi device. You have to do the same thing when you setup a cd burner to write in linux. Don't know why this is done this way, but it is.*
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