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  • Hello Satellite Beach

    Hi from New Smyrna Beach - (wave)

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    Is this group still active? if not I would really like to revamp it! Any local hackers/cyber sec enthusiast interested in getting together monthly?


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      I'm a wee bit north of you, have just relocated to the area.


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        I honestly think the group in this area has become inactive and im trying to get a new one started. Dm me if you have any interest in getting something going Askion_MacDubh. Im also north of satellite, im in cocoa area


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          The listed contact on the forums for this DCG is : if you tried to contact and have no response in a few days, try contacting to see if they know about the status of this DCG, and if there is an opportunity to get it going again.

          The Website being a "place-holder" instead of an actual DCG site page suggests it is not longer being maintained.
          The "WayBac" machine (Internet Archive) shows what appears to have been a "real" page around 2018:

          So yeah, if nothing back from email within a few days, or immediate bounce when trying to contact them, email to ask about starting this back up again.


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            Hey number6 thanks for the reply. I went through the same process already you outlined above already to an extent. I saw the website was a placeholder, emailed POC, and even sent an email to defcongroups explaining the situation as well as attaching an application for a new group. It has been a long time so maybe ill send a follow up, I sent the email to defcon november 19th after bsides orlando. If im able to get the group going again, are you in brevard county and would you be interested?


            • number6
              number6 commented
              Editing a comment
              I notified DCG Coordinators of this thread. Hopefully, one of them will respond.

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            I'm the the Titusville area. If we could garner a bit more interest maybe a gathering somewhere neutral. Dunno where, still kind of new to the area.


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              Askion_MacDubh im still waiting on official approval from defcon, but if i get things going, would Cocoa Library be too far for you? thats where i intend to hold the first few meetings until we can find a better spot


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                maybe, I get off @1700hrs, unless things go sideways, so that would limit the weekday nights I could attend. Reaching out to a couple of others in the area to see if I can spark some interest.


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                  Sounds good I really appreciate that! if you dont mind dm some details


                  DC321 Satellite Beach, Florida USA

                  About this Group

                  Location: Satellite Beach, Florida

                  Point of Contact: C2

                  POC Email:


                  DC321 Meets: at the local beach bars and coffee shops.

                  Description: The DC321 started in 2011. It was formed by several local hackers. C2 & K@Z
                  Areas of Interest: We are interested in having talks involving space communications and related US government activities involving the eastern range (active launch range for US).
                  Type: Public
                  Topics: 2
                  Comments: 11


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