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  • Left early?

    I'm curious how many people ended up leaving this early due to all the issues? I know about a dozen left before I did.

    For those that stayed, did it get better?

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    what kinds of issues are you talking about?


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      signal9 a quarter of the goons were getting super pissy and annoying about masks lol. They kept crying in between taking them off to eat their cheetos.


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        Editing a comment
        Please reply on-topic in conversations. This is about a workshop "Rohan Durve, Paul Laîné - Windows Defence Evasion and Fortification Primitives " and a user was posting that people attending this workshop leaving it before the end because of issues in the workshop. The Followup from Signal9 was asking about what issues existed in the workshop.

        Please keep focus on topics of conversations. If you persist in spamming the same content across multiple threads in off-topics conversations, you will look like a spammer. What did you observe as an issue in this workshop bingbong?


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      Originally posted by signal9 View Post
      what kinds of issues are you talking about?
      They were about an hour late to start. Fortunately I was able to use that time to get wifi working (had to tether my phone to the laptop to get the cert because they didn't warn us we'd need it), because it took most of the hour to figure out. Then I couldn't hear them from halfway back in the room because the room had no mic, then the download package took 30 minutes due to the slow wifi. The VPN to their environment wasn't working. After 30 minutes of barely hearing what they were saying, they say "follow Lab 1 in the walkthrough". A walkthrough I didn't have. Finally got their attention and they say it is in the download package....but mine didn't have it. Another 15 minutes of them trying to figure it out and they give me a new download link. 15 minutes of downloading and it hangs. At this point a dozen people had already walked out and I gave up too. Learned literally zero except some Linux wifi troubleshooting steps. Got a cool sticker though; so there's that I guess...