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Defcon 205 - Magic City Meeting Details

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  • Defcon 205 - Magic City Meeting Details

    We usually meet the first Saturday of every month at 6PM (This is a bit flexible). Since we are a newer group, we don't have a dedicated meeting spot just yet. Normally, we meet up at a member's residence or a public place such as a bowling alley or restaurant (Being new, we'd like to get to know you first!)

    We have a discord as well; so please message me if you would like a invitation link. I will try to check this at a minimum of once a month, preferably once a week.

    Lately, some projects we have talked about
    - We have discussed obtaining professional credentials for our IT jobs and are studying for the CCNP / Security + exam
    - We are attempting to get a 3d printer to print awesome things like glasses with freaking lazer beams, custom Army Men, etc. (One we want has been on back order for a while now... grr)
    - We have put a emulator on a Xbox Series X
    - We have soldered
    - We have coded (With Bash + Powershell) and done hacking demos using tools, IE Ettercap
    - We tinkered around with WiFi Deauthers
    - We lockpick as well
    - Lots of other random ideas we all have and want to do lol

    Any skill level, any person is welcome! We like to enhance our skills and have a great time doing it! Hack with us :) !
DCG205 Birmingham, Alabama

About this Group

Summary and Leadership Structure
Example: Josh and Isaac are two local hacker/security hobbyists & friends that would like to find DC205 in the Birmingham area so we can have fun, network with other people, and talk about security.

We would like to meet initially at a local restaurant the first Friday of every month. This is subject to change.

Areas of Special Interest
Example: We are into Crypto, the Dark Web, and security concepts. We would like to expand our interests. We both work in IT.

Current Projects
Example: Researching Metadata for GPS coordinates to find fishing spots

Cool Things About Us:
Example: We are a laid back group that is interested in helping develop the defcon/security interests of Birmingham. We were both interested in joining one, however with none other close by we would like to form one!

Contact Info
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