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looking for someone i met

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  • looking for someone i met

    im trying to connect to someone i met on my plane ride back from defcon and was wondering if abandoned internet rings a bell for anyone if so dm me on discord Majora#1212

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    This kind of thing gets asked a lot here but the answer is unfortunately no, because Reddit is against personal information being posted and people can't really verify that the story is true, nor that the OP isn't just a stalker. Not saying you are one of course, just that there's a reason why this kind of sub can't safely exist on this particular website.

    However as someone with a very locked down Facebook who has also accidentally done what she did to you - I will say that she might realise it soon and then change the settings so if you check back occasionally you might be lucky, or she'll add you instead. Or she'll have other forms of social media.‚Äč