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Our Mastodon server at is OPEN!

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  • Announcement! Our Mastodon server at is OPEN! is open!

    From the first DEF CON announcement over 30 years ago inviting all to attend our first gathering:

    "We cordially invite all hackers/phreaks, techno-rats, programmers, writers, activists, lawyers, philosophers, politicians, security officials, cyberpunks and all network sysops and users to attend."

    To that I would add artists, musicians, infosec, privacy professionals, journalists, and those genuinely curious about how things work.

    Support Site:
    Location: USA
    Languages Supported: English language posts, with plans for more languages as we add moderators to support them.
    Tor .Onion: Coming soon
    Topics: Technology, hacking, privacy, policy, infosec, music, art
    Moderated: Yes
    Infrastructure: Self hosted for privacy & security reasons
    Funding: Community supported
    Related Sites:,,,,
    Privacy Policy:
    Code of Conduct:
    NOTE: We follow the Mastodon Server Covenant. provides for open discussion where different viewpoints are welcome and a high degree of skepticism is expected. However, insulting or harassing others is unacceptable. It’s not about how you look or how hard you meme but what’s in your mind, your ideas, and how you present yourself that matters.

    DEF CON grew from the Underground BBS scene of the late 80's into the giant conference of today.

    We are building a community where you can explore serious issues, ask dumb questions, and make friends along the way. We have a strict Code of Conduct and enforce it. We hope you enjoy yourselves and be kind to others.​
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