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Cyber-related Congressional Hearings Week of March 6

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  • Cyber-related Congressional Hearings Week of March 6

    On March 8 at 10 AM both the Senate Intelligence Committees will be having hearings in open and closed sessions that expect to touch at least in part on cyber and technology issues. The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence will host a hearing on World-wide threats and you can watch the open session on their website starting at 10AM.

    The next day on March 9 at 10 AM the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence will host its version of the World-wide Threats hearing.

    At 9 AM Thursday, the House Committee on Homeland Security's subcommittee on Counterterrorism, Law Enforcement, and Intelligence will hold a hearing on threats that the Chinese Communist Party poses to the Homeland (think Tik Tok, IP theft and more).

    Rounding out Thursday, the House Armed Services Committee Subcommittee on Cyber, Information Technologies and Innovation will meet at 9:30 AM to hear testimony from the Defense Department's CIO and the Chief Digital and AI Officer on the Department's priorities in these areas.

    Most Committees leave recordings of hearings up on their Youtube pages so if you are not able to watch live you can come back later to watch them at your leisure. And once you watch the parts that are of interest to you, feel free to come back and leave your thoughts here. There's plenty to talk about across all of these topics.

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    To pair with the World-wide Threats hearings yesterday, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released its annual Threat Assessment, which includes sections on emerging technologies and digital malign influence. Feel free to give it a read here whether you were able to tune in for the hearings or not.