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  • haxed :(

    I host a Counter Strike server for my clan, and on it i have ftp running for downloading maps etc, (win2k)

    Someone hacked it using pub-tagger. and gave me some realy long filenames, and stupid folder names meaning windows cannot delete them.

    The files they stored are taking up about 60% of disk space which i want back,

    how do i go about this without reformatting?

    thanks for any advice

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    As BW says "Learn to search" you might also find this recent thread liberating.

    Click Here


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      Here you go Pezz, post this as a reply whe you feel appropriate. :D
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        Bikky, you should probably clean up your system, if they got in once, they are going to get in again, the problem is your configuration...

        start here:
        Windows 2000 Guides


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          Originally posted by astcell
          Here you go Pezz, post this as a reply whe you feel appropriate. :D
          Ahhh How nice.


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            What Blackwave says is true, you should configure your system better. You're not really hacked, your system has probably been used by the FXP community. They don't hack, but only use FTP's like yours that are wide open!

            Check this site for more info on how to clean up those dirs:



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              Deleting those funky directories

              This may have been covered in the above url, but I know that deleting using uncname instead of directory path works sometimes.

              example to delete a otherwise undeletable directory named c:\com1

              instead of rmdir c:\com1
              rmdir \\.\c:\com1

              that syntax has been useful to me in the past, when our admins couldn't delete folders off of production servers that were tagged as a pub.