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Verizon To Offer WiFi At Pay Phones

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  • Verizon To Offer WiFi At Pay Phones

    /. article....

    Makarand writes "Verizon has ambitious plans to catapult pay phones from the pre-cellular era to the WiFi era by creating hotspots around pay phones using an extension of their DSL service. The current plan is to upgrade 200,000 pay phones in the New York metro area to provide a WiFi service. Although major metros are spotted with hotspots, finding them is usually a big problem. Verizon thinks that specially marked WiFi enabled pay phones would solve the problem of locating the hotspots." Sounds similar to Bell Canada's move to do the same.
    WiFi At Pay Phones

    pay phones as AP's.. any one seen this yet??

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    So we can use pay phones to check our e-mail, visit chat rooms, download information, post to the board here....

    Then in 50 years someone wil have a great idea, hey, how about putting our VOICE over these lines! No typing, no logging on, time consuming too!

    Like the woman who complained it took too long to logon and check her weather report, she wished she could just turn on her computer and have the weather right there. She was then referred to the television set for that option.

    Verizon is also rich, rich, rich.