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    i have a 2.4 GHz lynksys usb network adapter...any one know of any mods i can do to the antenna or add my own antenna.. iv read about other antennas people have made for pcmcia but i was jsut wondering if any one has messed around with this

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    usb cantenna

    I saw an auction on ebay where somebody made a cantenna out of one of these. Basically they followed the directions here

    then instead of driving a n connector with copper wire soldered onto it in, they put a rubber O ring into the can, so the linksys mini usb adapter didn't get scratched up, but would still fit snug, and fit the linksys adapter into it the same distance that you'd normally have the driven element.

    Cantenna with USB pigtail. No cable loss.
    I wonder how well it worked. You ought to buy a can of nalleys big chunk beef stew, make the antenna to spec, and test it out. I bet it works a lot better than the adapter alone.