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Any comment on the MS's latest OS release ?

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  • Any comment on the MS's latest OS release ?

    yeah.. the "Long Horn" i mean.. how far can we trust's it's doesn't have "flows"... ? naahh.. ;)

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    yeah.. i was thinking of moding the Xbox too !

    well... i prefer my current Xp pro or better ... MAC osX... and
    i was thingking of moding the Xbox too ! haha... MS do have it's future OS.. until 2010.. like my SADM lecturer told me..ghee...

    i am horny..but sensitive..(LongHorn)
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      I played around with build 4008 and it looked cool. I like the clock.

      If Apple realy uses AMD's new 64 bit chip then OSX will be ported to X86 and we will be able to use that on our PC's

      That will be cool.


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        I havn't yet checked it out. I have herd about it. Im sure it will be prob there best OS yet. Just for the fact there is so much better out there. So that only leaves with stealing ideas and making windows a better OS to spend your hard earned money on. Because you know, the better is almost free excluding our donations. Yet not having full control over your OS kinda sucks.

        Maybe the new windows OS will be so flexiable where I could put it on my slow pc and still run at a pretty fast speed? Well maybe not.

        -Famine, the poor.


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          Talk of longhorn at

          I've yet to see it as anything more than too many unnecessary gui additions to XP... where's the functionality? wouldn't their goal, if funtionality were not a prime necessity, to redo the existing gui in a less obtrusive manner?

          /me votes crock of shit until a beta leaks that shows some effort...

          with it only in the alpha stages, it could be years anyways, with ambitious release hopes already slated and then recinded, and Bill Gates himself saying that it isn't something that impressed him
          if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.


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            Started to read that artical and then got dizzy so I stopped.

            -Famine, 1% Linux use around the world and growing!