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    If anyone would like to make a suggestions to what hardware / software you feel would be necessary for a successful Information Security program please feel free to post here. I am working on a proposal that should encompass:

    New Student Systems
    New Servers
    Pix FW
    Sidewinder G2
    IDS systems
    Operating Systems such as Linux, W2K3 server, W2K server, Pro, Lindows, Unix, etc.

    I will also be implementing 802.11g, Cisco Routers, etc.

    In addition I will be in need of massive amounts of training, so previous classes you have attended and found useful would be helpful.

    Please also mention topics you feel would NEED to be addressed in the program.


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    Classes I have taken:
    Cisco semsters 1-2..routing stuff
    Cisco Unix....for the cmd line on servers

    as for crypto, ask around for some good books, there out there.

    I recommend that no matter how many classes you take, its all about hands on experience, so find a victum that knows his or her stuff and ask them for help. I have always found that the best solution.
    I would like to meet a 1 to keep my 0 company.


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      Hum....perhaps this post came out a bit confuzzled.
      I was mainly interested in a what if... scenario.

      For example...I have been unable to locate information on G2 penetration, either online or via companies, therefore I deduce that G2 is extremely secure. Please correct me if I am wrong.

      So the what if standpoint would be....

      What if... a person were in a position to utilize the advice of security minded individuals such as yourselves to create a program void of marketing, media, and Microsoft-ism to enhance the entry level security arena.

      So basically with the pre-mentioned topics what should be in place?