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  • Artists for downloading music

    I was just watching leno, and i saw that dan akroyd and belussi (spelling?) are putting out a cd, and they said the following on tv

    "Good music, download it, burn it, and put a little label on it”

    Finally artists trying just to spread the music, I hope that people will follow this lead.
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    There are alot of musicians out there that feel the same way. Ultimately people who can afford to support bands who put out good music will either through concerts, or buying cd's.

    Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters said on Dennis Miller live that music should always be free. If you want to support the artist and get the cd for the artwork, special features, etc, then you should. I probably butchered his comments but that was the jist of what he said.

    I gained a shitload of respect for him after seeing that.
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