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The Malice Project (North Carolina)

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  • The Malice Project (North Carolina)

    If you're in the area of the triangle. We seek your mind. Looking for good people to come support and listen. So if you want to be apart of something in your boring life, then please drop me a message on location/info.

    The Malice Project is a delphi/C/Linux/Discussion org..
    Based out of Raleigh, NC.
    Incudes weekly to monthly meetings on a regular.
    Newbies are always welcome as long as they leave the attuide home and bring a good set of ears.

    Feel free to not discuss about my post


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    Even though noone cares. The new homesite is

    This will provide the info on what is going on and more info on what it is about.



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      Just alittle update. The site is being redone so I can configure the new addition to the site which will be a 2600 page. So I got to redo both sites nice and neat.



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        Well if life goes well I should be able to retire in NC in under 10 years. If life sucks (and it usually does) I shall be resigned to visiting the state a few times each year.

        Let me know when you'll meet in November/December and I'll try to be there.