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  • dos Batch files

    Im writing a batch file, and i need to make it print many messages to *multiple* *remote* printers.... using \\computername\printername... but i dont know the command to write in a batch file to do so... filetoprint.txt/p only prints on the local printer. I NEED HELP!

    ps- if anyone knows the command (if there is one) to mailto: using batch files that would be awesome!:D
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    batch files

    You may want to look into using something slightly more powerful, such as windows scripting host and .vbs scripts.

    While great for virus writers, it is also helpful for automating redundant tasks in windows as well.

    They run on win98, 2000, and XP boxes and it can be installed on win95 if needed too.

    Search google for something like

    WSH Printing vbscript example

    You can use it to install printers, automate application installs, creating accounts on a domain, printing, and tons of other things.


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