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    Okay... so this may only be impressive to me, since I'm probably the only one in the world that didn't already know this, or that cares.

    For those that ebay, you're probably familiar with their 30-day policy for holding on to the auction pages. Not so. If you never give feedback on the auction, that auction remains viewable in your please leave feedback list, indefinately, as well as the buyer/sellers list if they did not leave feedback. In fact, if you or the other party finally leaves feedback on something months old, it will pop into the persons feedback list (for 30 days) with a working link to the auction.... makes me less eager to leave feedback., so I can retain the ability to look at all my past auctions
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    I don't recall the last time I left feedback, though they only allow you to wait 90 days before removing your option to leave feedback for an auction you have completed.

    For example I have about 35 transactions that I never left feedback on .. ever... and they are no longer available for me to provide feedback for (some are just passed the 90 day mark)
    Need to leave feedback? Find all listings from the past 90 days that need your feedback.

    No item(s) found

    Sorry, you have no transactions for which you can leave feedback


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      interesting.. odd that they don't increase the other viewable number to 90... then again, the probably cut down on mucho queries considerably by doing this
      if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.