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Defcon Cannonball Run Update

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  • Defcon Cannonball Run Update

    So I thought it would be time for an update of the Defcon Cannonball Run. We are still planning on departing Redondo Beach, July 31st 2003 at noon. We will possibly have a fun bus leaving before that for any volunteers and people who are planning to video the finish.

    The race is against time. There will be a time clock in Redondo Beach and it will be synchronized with another one in Las Vegas at the Alexis Park Hotel. We will have two Defcon Cannonball Run officials to oversee this responsibility.

    The teams will be asked to enter thier team name apon arrival and then all teams will be chosen at random for the teams departure time. Teams not going to the Defcon Conference are not permitted. This race is only for the computer security conference.

    All teams will donate a small cash donation for the winning team. The winner shall get a bar tab that will make others jealous. Others will get boobie prizes, this year I promise.

    Any information can be found on or can be mailed to
    tommEE pickles