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Lockpick contest & Nevada law?

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  • Lockpick contest & Nevada law?

    So, what're the Nevada laws on lockpick possession?

    I found this:

    but it doesn't sound very good...

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    I saw this:

    NRS 205.080 Possession of instrument with burglarious intent; making, alteration or repair of instrument for committing offense.

    Seems to me that educational purposes will win out over burglarous long as it remains on the AP property.


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      so you don't think "2. The possession thereof ..." counts?

      What about getting from the airport to AP? It'll be in luggage, which is possession. How can "intent to use in a crime" be established (or defended against), anyway?


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        THEY have to prove intent. If you have a syllabus and other educational material, that proves your point. Now if you have a map of houses whose owners are out of town that weekend, you have a serious problem.


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          i dont think that they will be sending in trucks of nevada state troupers.......
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            2. The possession thereof except by a mechanic, artificer or tradesman at and in his established shop or place of business, open to public view, shall be prima facie evidence that such possession was had with intent to use or employ or allow the same to be used or employed in the commission of a crime.
            It mentions that possession is prima facie evidence. Prima facie means that the evidence is suffcent proof for the conclusion to hold. So posession is enough legal evidence to prove the posessor had intent to commit a crime, right?

            But then this seems to contradict section (1) which requires (non prima facie) criminal intent

            ..under circumstances evincing an intent to use or employ, or allow the same to be used or employed in the commission of a crime, or knowing that the same is intended to be so used..


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              In big, it's illegal to posses lockpick unless you need it for your job (Professional burgler does not count)
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                I f you can prove you were at defcon learning to pick locks on a lock board and not on local homes you should be fine. Show them your badge when they show you theirs.

                Oh, and put them in your checked baggage, not your carry-on.
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                  Originally posted by Grifter
                  Oh, and put them in your checked baggage, not your carry-on.
                  Heaven forbid the TSA think you want to pick the lock of the cockpit door in flight!


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                    Originally posted by astcell
                    Heaven forbid the TSA think you want to pick the lock of the cockpit door in flight!
                    OMG!! Prison!!
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                      so your worried about lock picking, when all this other stuff is going on that questionable?

                      Phone booth? What phone booth?
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                        Lock picks and Airports

                        I travel a lot. If you are transporting lock picks to Defcon and they are in your carry on, they will be confiscated by the Airport security. It could also lead to them calling the authorities "just to make sure" its not illegal. Overall there is a good chance things will turn into a cluster fuck.

                        Alternatives are to store it in your checked baggage, or mail it to a friend who is driving if you want to be completely safe. Most states in the US have very archaic laws about lock picking tools. In my home state of PA it is illegal to carry them unless you are a licensed lock smith, however you are allowed to own them? Its stupid. The laws are stupid. Protect yourself from stupidity.

                        Also, after 911 a good portion of checked baggage is searched. This is why you can't lock your checked baggage. If you do, they will pull you off the plane and ask you to unlock it. (This happened to me twice.) So pack your tools intelligently. Throw a few screw drivers and pliers in there with your lockpicks, they will be more inclined to pass it off as a toolkit and be less likely to pull you off a flight for a "thorough search and questioning".



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                          A few of us have found (and tested) a way to get around the unlocked baggage thing that works, only caveat is that you have to be a gun owner. To transport a firearm on the airplane it has to be in a hardsided, locked container. The key or combination must remain solely with the gun owner at all times. So, you go get a nice hardsided, locking Samsonite suitcase. Pack as normal, then toss your gun in on top of everything, close said case and lock. When you hit the airport, delcare the unloaded firearm in your checked baggage. At this point you may want to make them aware that to legaly transport the firearm you have to lock the case to comply with federal law. Most airline attendants will roll their eyes then have you head over to the big 'anti-terrorist sniffing machine that makes us all safer' and run your bags right there. If they want to conduct a hand search they can do it right there in front of you, as the second it leaves your posession that gun must be in a LOCKED, hardsided container. It seemed like a 'too good to be true' loophole, but its been tested several times by folks I know (and I'll be giving it a shot here in a week or two).

                 more thing to be aware of tho..if you try it, do not pack any ammunition with you. Federal law says the gun is to be unloaded and locked and seperate from ammunition. If the ammo is in your big Samsonite 'gun case' with the gun, bad news.

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