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Two Serial Killers looking for a place to crash...

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  • Two Serial Killers looking for a place to crash...

    Naw, I'm just kidding. But I'm sure it got your attention.

    Anywho, I haven't heard from Siviak on the whole place-crashing thing and I'm beginning to think he hates me. :P I don't wanna have to rely on just one guy. I wanna rely on several.

    If anyone is cool with having two well-behaved young gentlemen crash at their place / or hotel from Thursday till Sunday, that would be most appreciated. I can pitch cash, beer, and/or food.

    We don't need more than 5-8 hours a night... hell, I'm sure us two will have less depending on caffeine in-take.

    Help two Canadian fellahs out? We'll be in town on Thursday around 6:30pm July 31st and leaving back to Edmonton Alberta on Sunday. Thanks in advance for the help.

    E-mail if you can. Thanks folks.

    -- The Clone and Matthew Superman (Little Canada).
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    Oh, I'm sure we can work *something* out.


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      Sure as hell got my attention :-)

      If anyone else has any room to spare, please let me know... I am a 20yo, non smoker, non drinker, plain ol boring guy... (well, not that boring)... I tread lightly, and would not be a bothersome guest.

      If anyone at the Alexis Park or St. tropez has room, please let me know... I will gladly put in for the cost of the room and other expenses as they come up...

      My website (or lack there of) is at

      Hope to hear from someone...
      thanks :-)


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        I'm all good now guys. I got everything worked out. Thanks.

        But DocChaos needs a room. Help this fellah out : )