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room/ride available to share (rm. @ AP)

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  • room/ride available to share (rm. @ AP)

    hey all. i've a room @ the ap, and need some help paying for it. thus far, i have no company.

    i'm also meeting up with the caravan in bakersfield... leaving from SLO, CA. i am also without passengers!

    i would love to share the room with others. i like to have fun.. w00t! - but hope to meet someone responsible (iow, not puking all over the place or stealing shit ;-)).

    drop a line if this sounds good to you. peace.

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    Still have room?

    Im interested for sure. In grand tradition, I like to try and find a room the week before. Let me know some details (price, how long you have the room, etc.).


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      I'm interested in a place to stay. Could you let me know what the price/costs are? I promise not to puke or steal!


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        room reserved for 4 nites: jul. 31 - aug. 3rd (c/o aug. 4th). yay! this is the first year i'm actually staying thru until monday.

        the room is $119 per night, and this is not set in stone, but i think 3 or 4 ppl would be nice; $30/person aint too bad... i'm not sure if we can get like, 12 keys anyways.

        let me know how & when you're getting there, and we'll work things out!! woot


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          Im in

          If its cool with you, I will definately take you up on your offer. Have all of the beds been accounted for (Ill take one if there are extra)? Last year I slept on the floor and didnt mind a bit, but this year I will be flying in from Hawaii (vacation - I dont live there), and wont have my sleeping bag with. Let me know if I can stay. Im getting to Veg. on Thursday ~3:00P and leaving Sunday ~11:00A

          (Coming from Bakersfield huh? I used to live in Bakersfield.)


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            Can you bring me a case of SLO BLUeberry beer?


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              I'm interested in sharing a room. Do you still have any spots avail? I'm laid back, won't steal from you, and am a linux user :)


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                tryagain: so far there is one other person aside from myself. #Two will be yourself, and Three steffan. not sure how many beds are in the room, perhaps two. maybe we can work out the details of who gets a bed later (by amount of $$ paid, alcohol consumed, etc). PM me if you have more details, concerns.

                astcell: give me a rendezvous or a cell #, buddy, and i'll meet you there. we'll drink a couple ;-)

                steffan: sounds good! PM me your arrival/departure times and we'll work out the details.

                we have about four persons as of now, including myself. let me know if this is good, or is too many for you. i'd prefer not to have too many people, personally!



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                  When are you getting in? I still need a place to stay and will give you a few dollars to store my luggage and maybe sleep on your floor wednesday night until my roomate gets in.


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                    Still have room?

                    I would be up for being the 4th for the full stay, am coming in from San Diego, only thing is I am a female, if that's not a problem please let me know.



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                      Re: Still have room?

                      Originally posted by Vow
                      only thing is I am a female, if that's not a problem please let me know.

                      That's NEVER a problem. ;-)
                      the fresh princess of 1338

                      What did I do to make you think I give a shit?


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                        Lion-O - Haven't heard back from you. I'm hoping everything is cool w/ the room.



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                          Re: Re: Still have room?

                          Originally posted by octalpussy
                          That's NEVER a problem. ;-)
                          Liar :)

                          I keep having rooms fall through on me this year; I've gone through 6 rooms so far, and am again at a point with no place to stay *sighs*.

                          I guess people have finally figured out that my uterus has a penis.
                          Don't hurt me daddy!