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sending txt via a computer

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  • sending txt via a computer

    I site im using requires a user to confim the wish to use the site by reply to a txt sent to the users mobile phone. Is it possible to sent a txt from a computer that would fool the site into thinking it came from a certain mobile? I am told that this site cannot tell the difference between computer txts and mobile txts


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    Text messages from a computer

    I have also been trying to get my computer to text message my cell phone.

    If anybody has any code that can help me out I'd be grateful. I'm using a motorola 120t on prepaid service and calling from a standard 56k modem.



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      I can send messages from to ATT users from online, can't all sites do that? It's anonymous.


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        Check what service you're using and go to their web site, they will more than likely have the service, some are free, some charge the reciever.
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          text replys

          You can usally send an email and if you are good you can spoof the sender field. Try it out take for instance any verizon customer. Send an email to 10digit phone this will send the message to the cell user and look like it came from anywhere.




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            If you have vodafone go to It used to be free just check it out you may even be able to text from another type of fone like alcatel.

            On the other hand, you could always use ICQ or something.
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              changing From number


              You can change the from number when sending SMS, certain websites allow it, if you wish to do it on a large scale you need to link to a SMSC or a virtual SMSC, could setup kannel with a phone, it will change it, or buy a link to a telco, lots do it these days, and send using SMPP/CIMD2/etc etc

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