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SoCalWUG meeting July 24th

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  • SoCalWUG meeting July 24th

    This was posted to the 23labs-wireless list. Figured I'd pass it on. The SoCalWUG folks rock.

    Los Angeles Area 2nd Wardrivein & SOCALWUG meeting

    When: Thursday July 24th, 2003
    Time: 7pm 10pm, and later

    Cost: Free (not including what you order at IHOP)

    The second Los Angeles area Wardrivein

    Time for all interested food, WiFi (and RF) to meet and have nighttime breakfast at IHOP.

    This is a great time to discuss automotive computer setups, antennas, info-fueling, wireless security, Wardriving, automotive cable management, inverters, RF amplifiers, two way radio, GPS tracking technology and navigation will be the hot topics of the evening.

    Bring your projects!

    Some attendees will have the latest in 3g data communication devices from the various mobile phone providers.

    This event is open to all that want to learn and demonstrate their automotive and PDA gadgets.

    Note: This is not an event for loud stereo systems. There are plenty of other meets for this. Noise must be kept down.

    Last years's event page:


    Pasadena IHOP - Meet in rear meeting room and order food (your own check) 3521 E. Foothill Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91107

    210 Freeway (in Pasadena), Exit North on Lake Avenue.


    Set your GPS destination to:

    N 34 09.032'
    W 118 04.645

    Wardrive SSID:


    Voice RF:

    VHF Simplex: 146.520 MHz

    Southern California Wireless User Group:

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