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  • where are you going?

    the DC schedule is about half done from the looks of it.

    these are the events that interest me the most so far.

    what events bon the schedule do you think you will be doing and why?

    Bruce Potter

    PDA Insecurity
    Bryan Glancey

    Government IP_TAPPING
    Jaya Baloo

    Hacker Jeopardy

    Putting The "T" Back Into CyberTerrorism

    Criminal Copyright Infringement and Warez Trading
    Eric Goldman

    Embedded Reverse Engineering
    Seth Fogie

    What Hackers Need to Know about Post 9/11 Legal Changes
    Cindy Cohn

    Black & White Ball

    Dumpster Diving

    Award Ceremonies
    the fresh prince of 1337

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    Dumster Diving should be the first speech on the first day, it'll help a lot of folks save money. ;)


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      Subject to change depending on the other speakers of course...but here is what I plan to attend so far:

      Johnny Long
      Watching the Watchers: Target Exploitation via Public

      Beat the Casinos At Their Own Game

      Beetle and Bruce Potter
      Airsnarf - Why 802.11b Hotspots Ain't So Hot

      Cindy Cohn
      What Hackers Need to Know about Post 9/11 Legal Changes

      NMRC (Simple Nomad)
      Free Your Mind: The NMRC Info/Warez Panel Presentation

      Rich Murphey
      Intrusion Prevention Techniques on Windows and Unix

      I will be doing shit in the Vendor Area and will miss a good deal of Grifter's Dumpster Diving, but will be there too for part of it.

      I would also really like to go to David Maynor-Why Anomaly Based Intrusion Detection Systems Are A Hackers Best Friend but it is at the same time as Simple Nomad.
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        As soon as my lazy ass gets it together, I'll compare the current DC list with the current BH list, strike through the repeats (which I'll have already seen), and make my choice from there.

        However, I must say that this year's program is already head and shoulders above the previous few years, at least in terms of good, solid, technical content that holds my interest. The past few years, it's been a case of, "saw THAT at BH, and THAT, and THAT, and I've already read these papers, and those talks there look like they were thrown together in 5 minutes, and..."

        This year reeks of quality.

        Hey! A possible slogan! "DCXI: What you're smelling is the quality!"

        Should go over particularly well around midday Saturday in the vendor/CTF area.


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          I am gonna try to catch Grifters Dumpster Diving talk... but I kinda have tunnel vision on ParanoidAndroid's Beating Vegas so I haven't given the rest much thought
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            I'm definitely going to catch the Bluetooth and Dumpster Diving talks. I hope to go to the Embedded Reverse Engineering and Beating the Casinos ones too, but they seem to be at bad times in relation to my schedule... we'll see how things work out.
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              Just wondering what everyone's opinions on any "must see speakers"? Looked over the list and looks like there is a lot of good stuff there. Are the panels every any good?
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                OldSkoolS's and Grifter's talks are going to blow everyone else out of the water.
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                  Originally posted by Manic Velocity
                  OldSkoolS's and Grifter's talks are going to blow everyone else out of the water.
                  Jesus Grifter, could your SLC squad possibly love you any more?
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