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need seat on the L.A. caravan

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  • need seat on the L.A. caravan

    dear kind and respected driver,

    i need to make sure I secure a seat on the L.A. Caravan.

    i will gladly split gas costs, buy snacks, take turns driving if you want.

    Im over 21, have a cell phone and FRS radios, and I smell good.

    I can meet you for departure at the Ontario meeting place.

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    Yo, are you from the Ontario area? As in Ontario Mills??


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      I'll be in the Burbank area until 4pm Thursday, but I can get a ride to Ontario Mills no problem.

      I can meet up anywhere between Burbank/DowntownLA/Ontario Mills.

      Im pretty mobile over a short range... like a king on a chess board :) Its these hops across the desert that make me work.


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        it's good to be king
        If I had a nickle for every time someone offered me ten cents to keep my two cents to myself... I would be a rich man.


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          Ride Share

          I am going to Defcon and have an empty space in my car however I will only have room to the con and not back to LA as my wife is meeting me in vegas and will need a ride back.

          If someone still needs a last minute ride send me an email
          and include a phone number anywhere in the LA area so we can talk.


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            Leave 6 hours earlier and make pouty faces at TommEE. I know he's looking for someone to man the camera in his car (thus looking for another rider).

            Check your PMs for contact info.
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