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Thinking of sharing room...

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  • Thinking of sharing room...

    I currently have a standard room reserved for five nights Wednesday to Monday, with two double beds.

    I'm willing to forego a little privacy for a few days in order to save several hundred bucks.

    I've estimated the cost, with tax, at $145 a night for the room (I'll find out the actual rate when I get there, I'm estimating a few bucks high).

    Sharing w/ One person = $72.50 night, $362.50 all 5 nights

    Or if there are two people (one in the bed, one on the couch)
    Sharing w/ 1 in bed 1 on couch (Bed person) = 56.38/night, $282/duration
    Sharing w/ 1 in bed 1 on couch (couch person) = $32.25/night, $161/duration

    Looking for generally nerdy folks with as much chance of getting laid as I do (zilch) cuz I'd really hate to get kicked out of my own room so someone else can get some. Hardcore partiers are OK as long as you're not prone to fits of violence and can handle your booze or whatever you're doing.
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    I am getting to Vegas on Thursday afternoon and I would be leaving monday around noon ( I think). So I wouldn't mind sharing a room for the 4 nights at $72.50 a night, seeing how I dont have a place to stay yet.. I also fit into the categories of "nerdy folks", "not prone to fits of violence" , and also "can handle your booze".


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      I'd be interested in the couch if you want to split three ways. Let me know if the spots open and we'll work out the details.


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        Also, if things with Gertrude fall through, let me know because I'm pretty sure I know someone who would take the bed.
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