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  • FREE Defcon Badge

    No, not a joke, I have a couple of free DEFCON badges. How, you ask? Well, I'm a speaker at this year's DEFCON (check out my talk: and I have decided to receive my "honorarium" in badges instead of cash. I have presented at a variety of conferences around the world and I really like it; I speak at conferences purely for the fun - as long as my expenses are met, I really don't care about the money.

    So, here's the deal. I have 2 (possibly 3) badges to give away. I'd be interested in hearing about any good trades for the badges. I won't entertain offers for cash, so cool items like really nice company shirts, bags or other sort of "limited" items will catch my interest.

    On the other hand, if you work for a company, then you probably won't have trouble covering the $75. So, while I don't want to be flooded with sob stories, I will consider offering the badges as "scholarships" for folks who want to attend, but may be on a limited budget. I'm not sure I want to encourage the "kiddie" element at DEFCON, but the economy is rough and for some folks, $75 can go a long way towards other expenses.

    Finally, keep in mind that I will not be arriving in Vegas until Friday morning and even then, I may not make it to the AP until around noon. So, if you want to attend a morning session, you might be SOL - but, hey, the rest of the conference will be free!

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    I'll take one off your hands but I dont have anything to trade.


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      Ill trade you an authentic 4 gig hard drive... cmon you know you want to do it. Think of everything you could do with it...

      1. Paper weight.
      2. Door stop.
      3. If you need to hang a picture and you dont have a hammer around this will make a great nail insertion device.
      4. Cutting board
      5. You could take the platters out of it and use them as ninja stars.
      6. If sombody breaks into your house it is a great self defense mechanism.
      7. If kids knock on your door on halloween and you run out of candy you can threaten to hit them with it if they dont leave.

      See all the great uses of this one of a kind hard drive? WOW I know i wouldnt be able to pass up an offer like this.


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        i will trade you a game boy advance for it. :). Then you will have something fun to do while on the road to your next conferance you will speak at! Or, since my friend works at micron. i can give you a Black T-shirt (micron supplies their ram chips). It is black, Large, long-sleeve, and never been worn. or mabey both of them together. the game boy and the shirt :)



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          i got a brand new, un used, key chain lock pick set. retail ;$40.

          not quite worth the $75, but im on a severly limited budget.
          the fresh prince of 1337

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            time to up my anty... ill even throw in an amd k6 chip... with this you can make sweet patterns in your walls by laying it parallel to said wall and hitting it with your nifty new hard drive.
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              I can afford the con, being a 15 y/o and have just gotten my first paycheck, I CAN afford it, but would much like to save it for something like a car or a lindows laptop :D.

              Heres what I can offer:

              +Windows Key from microsoft keyboard (buy one get one free!)
              +Soltek SL77KV Mobo with blown capacitors (still works)
              +Amd Athlon (k7) proc clocked at 650 mhz
              +A RAM/Mini-mag lite keychain. Ram is a stick of burnt 256mb pc133. I would prefer not to trade this (sentimental value), but if it gets me a free badge...
              +Windows Server 2003 MSDN CD (j/k)
              +Copy of Windows 1.05 (not original, but a backup from the original my dad had)
              +Digi-Key Catalog (current)
              +Your own ink pen made out of Cat5
              +SiS 6326 Video Card (APG, oOo)
              +An Air Force One Shot glass

              Any of the above could be yours!

              Thanks for the chance, and please let me know!
              Virtutis gloria merces


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                damn it looks like im being out done here... so ill throw in half a turkey sandwich, some doritos ( half a bag of spicy nacho ) and a computer, minus the chip and hard drive as i already said in my previous post that i was trying to trade that... So your getting an old ass IBM computer with 64 megs of pc100, a 4 gig hard drive, cd rom and floppy drive, the mother board that came with it, and oh yes, it comes with integrated graphics, you cant beat that. You might be asking yourself... Whats the catch, how can he be offering such a great pc for only a defcon badge? Well the answer is you have to put the computer back together. In this great deal i will also include 2 blank cd-r's and some broken headphones.


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                  I meet your cdrs and counter with a stack of 100 bad-burn coaster cds! Thats not enough though, time to bring out the big guns... ONE DONGLELESS 3COM PCMCIA 56KBPS MODEM!!!! Oh, and a pair of headphones with one earpiece missing is up for grabs too. You could be a fed at this years conference with your one piece headphones! btw, one ear still works.

                  Almost forgot, One orth-rodgers ( neck lanyard is ALSO up for grabs
                  Virtutis gloria merces


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                    interesting... ill also throw in 50 never opened aol cd's, 37 cents, my chewed on bic pen, 5 blank floppies, a generic heatsink, a messed up mouse (it still works its just the outside is kinda scratched), and a fanny pack from the laser eye center, and to persuade you further i will let you and all your friends own me with sharpies.


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                      In response to that offer, I can put you and bill gates on a paintball range and make sure you get the only gun.

                      Well, not exactly, but its the thought that counts.

                      Actual raise:
                      +A box of freshly acquired aol cds from the local blockbuster
                      +A huge papermate W10 black marker, and you can own me with it. This marker is about twice as large as a sharpie and much harder to get off.
                      +The Microsoft logo from a microsoft keyboard, cut off with a dremel.
                      +broken MP3 player parts
                      +your own email address on the domain ""
                      +one forged email message to the person of your choice from "" Message can be flexible, "democracy hates you" is popular with my friends.
                      Virtutis gloria merces


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                        I can do better than that, i will offer you your very own hotmail account, i will let you own me with multi colored markers, i will give you a piggy back ride from the parking lot to your room, as long as your not like 200 lbs heavier than me, one red spiral note pad with only 3 pages missing, 3 little fire cracker type things, a blue and black bic pen, an old keyboard thats kinda dirty, a free calender that i got from SNJ liquor, one bottle of deja blue water, one clear coated usb cable, and ummm ill try to get more aol cd's.
                        i will also throw in my orange mini bic that has like 1/4 of the fuel left in it, And 2 phillies blunts that are in the original cellophane packaging.


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                          I will offer you MY hotmail account, you can own me with a can of spray paint, as well as the bus I rode in on, I will let you ride on my shoulders to your room; as well as to your speaking event, one spiral notepad with only 2.37 pages missing, wait a second, wtf are we doing? O yeah, and i will let you root one of my linux machines during the con.
                          Virtutis gloria merces


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                            damn i just realized if he picked us he would have a shitload of COOL new shit... im going to up my offer with one 6 pack of mountain dew or dr pepper, your choice. i regret to inform you the turkey sandwich is gone now, i still have the doritos. also on saturday i will let you make 10 calls from my cell phone... the call duration can be as long as you want. ill pretty much be your bitch for as long as im at the con... nothing sexual though.
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                              Ill give you 11 calls if you pick both me and DarkStar. Think about it, thats a combined total of 21 calls.

                              Now that I think about it, I can get you a vip pass to one of the night clubs here in vegas. Im not sure which one, but be assured...its a good one.
                              Virtutis gloria merces