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  • Free Ride To Defcon

    I'm looking for 4 real Hackers, Crackers, Black hats, virus, worms and trojan creators, website defeaters and members of any software cracker group to share a ride w/ an independent filmmaker on a paid rental car to Defcon 11.
    What's the catch? Simple. I'm doing a documentary about computer hackers and crackers and I'll be going to Defcon by myself to cover some interviews with professionals, and I'd like to share my ride with anybody who'd like to share their knowledge, computer secrets, hacking codes, ambitions, anything you'd like to say related to hacking and/or cracking.
    My goal is to make a documentary in which I can really show who hackers and crackers are, defeating how the media portraits them. I’m not interested in seeing your face on camera, but I’d like to get as much information as possible regarding this topic. So it’s your call, if you are a real hacker or cracker, who is dying to go to Defcon this year, this is your chance to get a ride for FREE. You just need to talk about your favorite hobby, that’s all. And if you are able to demonstrate me “anyhow” and share as much information as you are able too more than the rest on the same ride, showing your abilities as a hacker or cracker, I’ll even pay for your ticket to Defcon.

    I’ll be departing from Los Angeles, California on Friday August 1 at noon (Pacific Time) returning to LA late Sunday night.
    Anybody interested in joining this ride, please E-mail me ASAP to