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  • Thanks for....

    thanx for not hacken' our companies website and mail server after figuring out an exploit on my company laptop while at the conference! It is nice to see that still is the leader in security engineers!


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    Uh, you took a company laptop into a room with 5000 hackers who love to put secret stuff up on the wall? And you think that "leader in security engineers" is an accurate title for someone who simply got lucky?
    --- The fuck? Have you ever BEEN to Defcon?


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      Actually I would define lucky as not getting splatted while being totally blasted and playing in traffic on the strip at 2am. ;)


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        good call.......!
        the fresh prince of 1337

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          I think they should of showed no mercy and posted your shit for bringing something like that to the con. While at the con you need to be thinking 1 thing. Um lets make that 2. 1st beer. 2nd security. Allthose sheep users should of had their full passwords shown for their stupidity of using clear text transmission. I also loved reading aim conversations where system admins told some one at their job to use this password for root.

          Man guys if you need to use stuff like that their are many easy ways to secure it or at least make it harder to get.

          I.E. using ssh and launching mfaim or ntaim from a shell on a remote box. Checking your email from a remote box and so on. Not saying it is the most secure way but it sure the hell beats clear txt.
          In the end it is the computer that will format us.


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            Oh, so that was YOUR laptop....

            Anyone else see the guy walking around in a windows 2000 professional shirt? That was just sad. I wanted to get him into pool 3, but I just couldnt find him. Maybe next year.
            Virtutis gloria merces


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              I saw the guy in the W2K shirt. I felt sorta bad for him, until a guy handed me an AOL CD at pool 2!