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  • Feedback: Defcon Movie Channel

    We want to hear what you guys thought of the DCMC this year. We had high hopes, and despite a few glitches, the channel ran trouble free for %95 of the time.

    Next year we'll improve on what we did this year, and hopefully bring you a better overall experience. Please make suggestions about the format, movie scheduling, etc.

    We will definitely bring back a lot of favorites next year, and change a lot of them, but would you like to see more short programs like TV show episodes, etc?
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    Great job on DCMC!

    I got to watch a couple of things I've been meaning to watch(the John Woo movies), although not always to completion.

    I have two suggestions:

    1. Less mainstream recent movies such as Swordfish.

    2. The quality of some the rips were pixely, Way of the Gun comes to mind. Then again I was easily irritable, while recovering on sunday morning.


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      unfortunately, i only watches maybe 30 min all con. but what i saw i liked.

      i think you should stick with the moderate to mainstream, cus i am one of those that wont like a shitty movie just because its "underground" or i was the first to watch it.

      i see that shit like i see Indie music;
      if they were any good, they'd be signed. or; all the cool uncool kids like it.......
      the fresh prince of 1337

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        My family watched it and loved it. There were some points where the video stopped and it was obvioulsy a Windows Media player with nothing to play. I am afraid it needs a full time person watching it, with as backup plan. But DTV is a great idea and adds to the technological image of the entire event!


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          great job

          absolutely great work, i thought.

          i loved the bonus content thrown in between movies. (there were a few that i fucking LOVED and will give a lot of head to people who could provide me copies of them)

          it would be seriously cool if the media server carried some of them or if they were made available on CDs. (i'd actualy shell out 5 or 10 dollars for a compilation of some of that material if it isn't a hairy legal matter for you to provde them next con)

          all in all, i'd bet if just a simple list of the items were provided with some background keywords i could google for them. (i'm downloading Zawodny's "Crash Different" apple switch spoof at the moment. i'd love to google or P2P for the vintage Disney cartoon of WWII propaganda.)

          you guys rock and i thought the offerings were spectacular. next year, i'd love TWO DCTV channels... maybe one with more mainstream features and the other with a lot of episodes (i can provide you with all the simpsons, futurama, and family guy eps you want :-) and other less well-known but underground content. i realize that you wanted to contain DC broadcasts to channels that were already programmed into the alexis TVs... but perhaps hidden channels next year could be popular enough that people break out the universal remotes and program their own access to them. (i heard a rumor that there was one hidden channel this year, but i didn't look for it. was that true?)

          overall, excellent work. and whoever came up with and deployed the "index channel" as i'll call it... great idea. it helped people find the talks they wanted and see what else was going down. (suggestion on the index channel: keep the movie chan as the fourth frame and leave CTF channel out. 90% of the time there's nothing interesting on the CTF channel, if people want to see it they can just tune to it.)

          wonderful work. simply great. are you guys situation in the NOC or somewhere else at the con, because i know there were many times i wanted to drop by and offer to buy you all drinks for running such a great broadcast.
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            Thanks for the positive feedback and suggestions.

            Some last minute problems with the box caused some odd problems with some of the movies playing in what seemed like 256 color mode and other wierd things (some filler clips wouldn't relinquish the DirectDraw buffer).

            All movie rips, save for Swordfish, Ninja Scroll and maybe one more were of very high quality and bitrate, codecs can be a bitch sometimes :D

            The DCMC was put on by myself, A, dedhed and Grifter, with some help from some other 2600SLC/DC801 peeps. All other stuff is done by the courageous video squad of Ghent, Videoman, Lock and Heather, who were accomodating to us when we had to resolve problems with playback. Mad props to them.

            As for actually putting hands on the content, i'm not in possesion of the drive so i can't make any promises about any list of materials you might have seen. Perhaps Grifter can whip that up when he gets some time (read: is bored at 2am).
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              I enjoyed the wacky video clips a lot more than most of the movies. The John Woo ones were good, as were a couple others. I realize that it's defcon, so we kinda have to watch Hackers, Sneakers, Wargames, etc. but I could really do without Swordfish and Anti-Trust.

              So, next year i wouldn't mind seeing more wacky video clips in place of movies like Swordfish. The clips were hilarious.
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                The movie channel was truly one of the best ideas to "supplement" the Con. It provided wind down time (especially at 4:30 in the morning) when you're too wired/drunk to sleep, yet want to relax before the next day. I caught a couple of the movies and found myself flipping in between boring talks and the movies to kill time (vodka in hand).

                A big shout out to the SLC crew for the hardwork in putting that channel together. If there were to be a second channel, maybe it could be the crazy kung-fu anime channel vs. the mainstream video.
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                  DC Movie channel was awesome!!!

                  Since I spent most of DC11 in the room cause the lines were too long, it was nice to watch movies between talks, like Anti-Trust, passing out to Blade Runner on Sat. morning, and it was awesome to wake up Sunday morning and watch Aliens.

                  What was the Chinese movie on Sat. night? I was fucked up like everyone else, but it was bloody violent. Some sort of hospital siege? Was it Hard Boil?

                  Also, maybe have a DC Movie MC next yr?

                  Hell I would do it, for a free DC pass. I say funny thing, and say even better things when drunk.

                  -Jim Sears


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                    Gotta agree about Swordfish and Anti-trust.... I didn't go see them in the theater, didn't rent them, dind't download them from Kazaa... certainly dont wan't to watch that crap on my vacation.

                    As for wargames, next year play it with the directors commentary turned on.

                    Agree about showing more stuff and odd ball video's like Disney's Hitler video. I was about to walk out the door when that came on and stayed to watch the whole thing.


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                      Kampf: me and A` and some others were discussing the little "techincal difficulties" that were happening now and then,
                      and I might have a solution for ya that's good enough that the channel wouldnt have to be babysat, I run the same idea at home, and it works quite well. Let me know (IRC, Email, in person, etc) when it comes time and I'll help ya with that if needed
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                        Originally posted by JockVSJock
                        What was the Chinese movie on Sat. night? I was fucked up like everyone else, but it was bloody violent. Some sort of hospital siege? Was it Hard Boil?
                        Yes, if it had a hospital siege, it would be John Woo's Hard Boiled.
                        "Those who would willingly trade essential liberty for temporary security are deserving of neither." --Benjamin Franklin