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  • Impressions...

    The presentations I saw were great, the lines (as mentioned ad nauseum) were quite excessive.

    My only three suggestions:

    1. Find a venue with more parking (near the entrance). Parking was an issue.

    2. Post the day's speaking schedule at the entrance to each room. Makes it easier to remember where/when you're going next. Only place I saw it posted was outside the registration area, a place I only expected to be once, given the layout of the place.

    3. Put a sign directing you to registration in the lobby.

  • #2
    Amazingly enough, there are a number of threads started that are asking for suggestions on multiple fronts on how to make the Con better. I would suggest inputting to those threads instead of starting another one.

    just my .02 (which [with our economy] we all know is worth about .005 by now)
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