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  • Firewalls

    I need a firewall, that will block all traffic to my PC, except computers inside my local network. I have tryed using ZoneAlarm, but it won't let others on my network get files, or print to my system. I am running win2kpro :P any ideas?

  • #2 - get "Kerio Personal Firewall"

    You have to know about stuff like TCP/UDP ports though, if you configure it wrong you can easily make it useless.
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    • #3
      How large is this internal network?

      Is it subnetted?
      If not and you have only one range of internal IPs then add the individual address to ZoneAlram’s trusted list. You’ll run into the same problem when you try to run an ISS Web or FTP server and set up port forwarding for the service through a router. In your case its internal users instead of requests coming over the net.

      What kind of privileges will these other boxes have in regards to outside connections, while at the same time having access to your box?

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