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  • advanced C programming book

    not sure if this qualifies as a technical Question but it will undoubtedly be moved if it doesnt ...

    I've been looking for some resource (book or other) to teach me more advanced C programming.. stuff more system involved. i dont know much.. just wondering if anyone had any suggestions about books that they thought were particularly useful..
    ive searched the forums for anything of this sort before and havent found anything.. if there is a thread about this then i would ask that you point me in the right direction before flaming.

    ~~ thanks for your help ~~
    shit happens, get over it.

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    Teach Yourself C for Linux Programming in 21 Days by SAMS Teach Yourself. Don’t let the name fool you. This is an excellent book with real world scenarios.

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      Other than getting a book to help me. I also got me a source code that helped me learn way better than any book being its hands on and the number one resource from any books.

      What I used to help me learn C from some good books, is called MUD. Some of you have herd of this. It's a online text based game. Most of them are coded in C. Now the reasons why I went ahead and played with this other than practicing the examples from the books into a little compiler is this. The code is a fully operational game. Means you see all your examples in the book put into play. Most of the code is pretty simple to follow from reading the first 2-4 chapters of the C book.

      Anyways, you can run a MUD code from any unix/linux box or even cygwin if your on windows. If you have understanding of unix/linux and whatnot. Being the mud is based from C I quickly got hands on exp just by altering the code. Being its a game based D&D I was able to play with making spells in C, skills, new fetures and whatnot like on the second day of my C learning. It really did help me learn C much more faster. The code isn't that compilcated in MUD so that also helped a great deal on giving me the basics of C. So If you want to learn more I would suggest you download a mud source code and play around with it. You could fully customize a game and be proud of it. Thier is also C++, Java, Pascal and PHP versions of mud to.

      Some links to download mud source code: <--search for ROM or Rogue.

      Basic info on what mud is:

      It really did help me, thought I mention it if you wanted to practice what you're reading into something that you can build.

      Kinda like you learning how to build a car. And someone gives you a car to take apart or add adjustments to it for practice.

      If you have anyquestions, or need a host for your mud to play with, ill be happy to host it for you for free. Just send me a PM.