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China's Take on the Software Industry

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    found this while searching thru the news, kinda of an interesting take on the whole Feeling on software in China. I find it ammusing that microsoft lost this battle, and now China will be using open source, course wonder if the sco are going to have a go at them as well. China also has something called red flag linux, sounds fun to me, course what is with all these linux and "red" we got a hat already now we get a flag, my distro will be named red pants linux..:D
    I would like to meet a 1 to keep my 0 company.

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    With this latest name, red has gotten too much press..

    I'm holding out for a distro of linux with the word Blue...

    To quote Stanley from the classic movie[1] "I see something Bluuee... something Bluuuueee"

    [1] UHF - (Introducing the original Kramer)
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