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    ok i have seen this happen twice already the first time it was my fault and most likely it is again.

    on the second time here is what happened.
    i made the post, clicked Submit New Thread.
    then i received the error page can not be displayed, this happened last time and i refreashed that time. this time i closed the window and reloaded the site and checked to make sure it was not doubled again.
    when i checked it was fine, i then came back right now and it was doubled.
    this happened in the
    Community Talk > Major power outage hits New York, other large cities thread.
    god i just hope this doesnt happen with this post.
    "so many books, so little time"

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    Greetings ch0l0man,
    I wouldn't worry about it too much, if this happens just send one of the moderators of that forum (which you can look up here) a pm and let them know there is a dupe and it will be handled.

    I am going through the forums now zapping those that have done the same dupe-d'oh this week :)


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      thanks BW, the last thing i wanted to do was piss people off, i knew the first one was my fault but then when it happened a second time and i know i didnt repeat the same steps. i was more concerned cause once is understandable twice is a no-no.
      thanks again!
      "so many books, so little time"