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  • Knowledge Transfer - Charleston, Wv

    WHAT: Knowledge 4 Free (Knowledge Transfer) 3rd meeting
    WHEN: 6pm - 9pm September 5th
    WHERE: Charleston Town Center Mall Conference Room 3rd floor
    WHY: General security Discussion - PGP Introduction

    For more info contact Pezz<a>hushmail<dot>com

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    Is this common practice?

    Recently our group ( has been asked not to return to a local mall where we were renting a conference room for our monthly meetings. When I spoke with the general manager about the reasoning behind his decision his reply was, and I quote " because it is my conference room". He also stated that the conference room was not public. The goal of our group is to inform and advance the knowledge levels of individuals within the security field. To my knowledge during the meeting and on our meager web page we promote locking down networks, the use of PGP for email encryption, the use of WEP for wifi, and each meeting has been geared to securing the environment surrounding an individual network. It is truly sad that persons hear the word "hacker" in a meeting, regardless of its true context and meaning, and through ignorance disallow meetings that may eventually in the long run help them immensely.