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Wireless Image Ripper on Sunday

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  • Wireless Image Ripper on Sunday

    Hey guys,

    On Sunday afternoon... someone had setup the projector in the corner to show pictures being ripped from people surfing the web.

    Anyone know the name of that program?? Or was it a quick hack?


    BTW I was the person feeding most of the pictures.... hope ya liked the David Hassellhoff and Gary Coleman pics. I love the Google Image search function.

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    the program is called DriftNet
    it can be downloaded here

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      Actually, the above url is for the original source.
      It was intended for use on a wired network.

      You can get source that is modified to work with a wireless card in what is known as "RF monitor mode" so that you don't need to be connected to a network to rip images, and instead can passiveley pull them out of the air.

      The wireless hack is available from

      First though, you may need to patch your wifi drivers.

      orinoco patch @

      prism2 cards can be used in monitor mode with wlan-ng or the hostap drivers. (look them up on google)

      you can tell if your card supports monitor mode by typing "iwpriv" at the command line. If it lists monitor, then you're good. If not patch those drivers.

      From that point just put the card into monitor mode with.

      iwpriv eth0 monitor 2 x (where x is the channel you want to monitor)

      Launch driftnet and you'll have images flying in no time.

      I can see how something like this fits in at defcon, but what sort of real world use do you have for this anyways. =)

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        i got a linksys card that will work in linux right.


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          Originally posted by Fused
          i got a linksys card that will work in linux right.
          Last time I checked, linksys .11b cards used the prism2 chipset, which is widely supported. It should work.
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            I heard that there was a list to sign up on at defcon to get that program but my friend never got the program.

            Whats a good wireless card that will work with linux without installing anything? Would it detect the card when booting up and checking for new hardware. Im running mandrake 9.1 I already bought a lame ass card that dosnt work with linux and I dont wana screw up again
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              The app was called driftnet. But you need the wireless hack for it to work properly. J Wright wrote a patch for it. I think that others prob figured out other ways to get it to work for wireless to. If you want the link to the patch let me know.
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                I should of read the post from rusty. He mentioned everything that I was talking about. Oh well twice the info is better.
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                  More Driftnet Goodies

                  A nicer writeup of some of the new things one could do with driftnet can be found below.



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                    html/image sniffer on Defcon

                    What was that sniffer which is able to rebuild html pages and images, that was projected on the wall at Defcon ?????

                    I found a similar product for winblows



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