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  • system memory dump

    Sorry to be a pest, but how do you perform a memory dump (possibly of a specific program?

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    It's not being a pest to ask questions, it's pest-like to ask un-researched, badly worded questions. For instance, an operating system wasn't specified, nor was it mentioned if any googling had been performed. As you see here Google offers quite a few hits on such a broad topic. My suggestion would be to do some quick googling and filter down your question to something like the following:

    "I am working on $OS and trying to perform a memory dump. I have searched $this _place and $that_place to see how and I don't quite understand. Can someone one give me some pointers on how to perform a memory dump on $OS or point out some $resources that could help? Thanks in advance."

    People tend to be much more responsive to this.
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